blogging memories for family members

Blogging can be a great way to share memories with family members.

Blogging memories can be an effective way of sharing your stories with loved ones or family members. But is it for you?

Varying Communication Styles

In her article, A Company Divided: Bridging the Generation Gap at Work Through the Power of Communication, Bea Fields summarizes communications styles by generation. Though her article is meant for businesses or organizations, her points can help all of us communicate better with other generations.

Use of technology in communication, as a reader and as a writer, does have a strong correlation to age. Of course, that’s not absolute. I know people in the sixties who tweet and people in their forties that use the computer only to check their email.

Communication Styles and Blogging Memories

So, how does this relate to the decision of whether or not you want to start blogging you memories? Your choices are more about what’s a good fit for you and your loved ones. There’s not a “best” option. There’s no right or wrong answer—you just have to figure out what’s right—and more comfortable—for you.

Pros and Cons of Blogging Memories

Blogging Memories technology

Blogging does require a little technical know-how.

Because memories are episodic in nature, they lend themselves easily to a blog. Blogging your memories, as opposed to writing them with pen and paper, allows you to share your memories in real time, but don’t require that you do.

There is a technical learning curve. How steep that curve seems is subjective.

Consider your audience as well. The people with whom you’re sharing your memories might not feel comfortable with a blog format. Blog formats let you see how many people viewed your posts, so if you invited thirty relatives and only three actually visited, you’ll be a tad disappointed.

More Resources

There’s more about the pros and cons to starting a blog in my book, which should come out late this spring. See also Choosing a Blog under Writers’ Resources)

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