Oct 042013
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Celebrate Family History Month

Family History Month isn’t just for genealogists. With these simple ideas, non-genealogists can honor an ancestor or learn about their family history.

Let’s say you haven’t caught the family history research bug (yet). You’re not into scouring grave yards. All those Ancestry.com commercials haven’t made you grab for the nearest device to “find your story.” That doesn’t mean you can’t join in the spirit of Family History month.

Honor a Grandparent:

Write a short memory of a grandparent and what they mean(t) to you. Write it to keep to yourself or to share with family members.

Share Your Immigration Story:

Are you 25%  Dutch? Something else? Do you know from what countries your relatives came? Better yet, do you know any stories of their immigration? Write it down or share your information with your children.

Consider Where Your Family Fits into National Statistics:

Look at a graphic such as Archives.com’s American Diversity Overview. How do you think your family’s history fits into the overall scheme of most families’ immigration?

Celebrate Family History Month with Faith Stories

Do you practice a faith that has been passed down for generations? We ancestors ordained? Were they elders or deacons or the equivalent? Write down what you know.

Find an old photo:

Look through shoe boxes and find a photo of an ancestor. Look closely.  Do you feel any connection? Why or why not? What do you wish you knew about this person?

Celebrate Family History Month by Crafting with Your Kids:

Family History Month Craft Tree

Find a family tree craft to do with your children.

About.com’s Family Crafts suggests drawing a picture of your family and cutting out their silhouettes. From there you can decorate them and/or make them into paper dolls.

In her Corn and Cotton blog, Stephanie Pitcher Fishman suggests having the kids practice their handwriting skills by writing a letter to a grandparent. A visit wouldn’t be bad either, especially if they ask questions about their grandparents’ pasts.

You can also search the Internet or Pinterest for all sorts of fun family tree making crafts.

Celebrate Family History Month in the Kitchen:

Pull out those faded recipe cards and make an old family recipe. Include the kids in this as well.

Add Family History to Your Scrapbook Themes:

Family history pages and embellishments as well as digital templates are only a Google search away.  Include a family tree page in your scrapbook. If you’ve already have photos of relatives in scrapbooks, add captions about the history you know about them.

How are you celebrating Family History Month? Do you have any additional ideas? Please share!

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  1. Thank you so much for including Corn and Cotton, Laura! I really appreciate it. There are so many fun things to do over Family History Month. Great list!


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