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Craft Squad Blog Hop Welcome to The Craft Squad’s Monthly Blog Hop!  This month our theme is “Hoppity Hop Hop”! What does that make you think of? Easter? Spring? Kids bouncing off the walls? Family Moments?

See how “Hoppity Hop Hop” inspired our Craft Squad members. This month I’m the first stop on the blog hop. My blog is about preserving memories; scrapbooking and paper crafting can play a huge role in sharing precious memories.

My project showcases a photo of typical family moment. Not perfect, but truly “us.”
Easter in my hometown of Spartanburg, SC the south is a special treat. My project is a flashback to 2003. (Yes, that’s how far behind I am!)

Going Digital


The original photo

My last few projects have been layouts that could easily be done with traditional or digital papers. This month, I was inspired by some beautiful digital designs I found on Pinterest to make a true digital design.

Choosing a Photo

Another part of my “inspiration” were the imperfections of the photo itself. The photo is slightly off-center. Cutting out the church building on the left would only have made it worse. I decided to take out the background entirely.

The photo subjects were also not perfect. My niece was more interested in her hat than smiling and both my boys were intent on not doing what they were told. Perversely, I actually like that part. It was a nice beautiful day and my sister, on the other side of the camera lens, captured a fun family moment. Although they don’t look like Easter  angels, my kids do look like themselves.

My Family Moment Project

Scrapbook layout typical family moment at Easter

We don’t always take Easter photos, but the ones we have seem to capture typical family moments.

My Steps:

I use PhotoShop Elements (PSE) 10, but you can accomplish these steps with other software packages, including GIMP which you can download free at gimp.org.

As always, I started with creating a new file, 12 x 12 inches large at 300 dpi. I used one of Vicki Stegall’s “Let’s Play” background papers. The tedious part was removing the background from my photo. I did most of this through PSE’s”Magic Extractor” tool. (See my May Flowers post for detailed instructions.)

When I was finished with my “extraction,” I copied my photograph layer. I set the bottom layer to about 40% opacity and used the eraser tool at 80% opacity to fade the edges of the top layer. This allows my photograph to blend with the background. I also placed the text against a light yellow background.

Once that was done, it was only a question of adding digital embellishments and a title. I used. Scriptina Pro for the title.  To achieve more depth, I selected most the embellishment layers and added a drop shadow (Layer -> Layer style -> Style settings -> Drop Shadow). I really wasn’t happy with the layout until I found the butterflies from the “Natural Breezes” collection I had purchased for an earlier project. (Besides my sister’s church also has a butterfly release on Easter.)

My Narrative:

In this case there wasn’t a whole story behind the photo, so I added just enough information that I could later remember all the makings of that happy day.

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  11 Responses to “Scrapbooking a Typical Family Moment”

  1. Nancy and I have 11 grandchildren ages 6-15 and last year at this time we supplied each of them with an inexpensive wooden birdhouse (small) and a wooden bird along with paints to decorate each. Everyone of them participated (even the 15yr old BOY). We awarded each of them a certificate for their individual creation and also one was tabbed as “Best of Show”. We took photos and wrote a story about each and then posted in a Journal on our account at http://www.passingbye.com. We will send this to them later when they are a bit older for their records. Would be glad to share the article with anyone if you would just contact me at ross@passingbye.com.

  2. I love doing digital pages – so convenient! Such a pretty page, and great looking family, too!!!

    • Thanks Val. Are your’s posted on your site. I am growing to like digital pages more and more. I’d love to look at yours for inspiration.

  3. Love how you “lifted” your family right off the bricks and other distracting part of the background. It really makes the important part of the photo stand out! And your journalling really helps capture the moment!

  4. A wonderful layout! And I learned something – next time I’m blending I’ll try you idea of having a double layer, with lower opacity on the bottom layer – what a good idea! I don’t always comment, but I appreciate all of your posts!

  5. I love this layout. One of these days I’m going to try my hand at digital scrapbooking. Your boys cracked me up!

    • They’re a lot funnier a)when they aren’t yours and b) in retrospect.
      Thanks for commenting!

  6. That is amazing how did that page. I never would of thought to do that. Guess I need to work on playing with digital scrap booking a little more. Great job

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