Feb 032014
The Rest of the story of Vanburen Clark

Van Buren Field Clark, my great-great-grandfather

Stories matter. Not just the bare bones stories based on facts, but the rest of the story. Personalities, proclivities, relationships, and experiences are an important part of preserving your family history.

Flynn Coleman makes a good case for this in his article Only Connect: Why Your Story Matters. Huffington Post writers don’t usually need my help in stating their case, but just this once I’ll help Mr. Coleman out with an illustration.

I decided to compare what I know about my second great grandfather from research as opposed to my grandmother’s “Treasure Chest of Memories.” I hope that it will bring home the importance of sharing and documenting family stories. You won’t just be providing the rest of the story. You’ll be facilitating a connection between the family members, past and present. Continue reading »

Jan 222014
Pedigree chart's dry facts into stories

It’s not that hard to turn these dry facts into stories.

I admit the prospect of taking dry historical facts and turning them into stories that the rest of the family—much less the rest of the world—will find interesting is intimidating. It sounds like some literary alchemy or magic is called for.

Actually, it’s not really that hard. Continue reading »

Sep 162013

DOn't remeber relatives or family membersWhat happens if you don’t remember a family member or relative? How do you write about them or share their “memory?”if you don’t even remember them?

In a perfect world, we’d all have our own memories of both our parents and at least four grandparents, if not all our great-grandparents.But that’s not the way things are for many people. Continue reading »