Dec 012014
Tethered to the past

Tethered to the past: the ropes can keep us safe or tie us in knots

Tethers or connections? The past is an integral part of our future. When we write memoirs, memories, or histories that create a positive connection with the past, it grounds us. When the past colors our existence to the point that the present and future are drained of reason, it’s a tether to be broken–or at least loosened up a bit.

How are You Tethered to the Past?

There’s an apt German expressions for those times when you are torn about an event: “One eye laughs; the other cries.” Continue reading »

Oct 142013

writing about depression can be hard Outside of therapy centers, writing about depression – or even about sad times – doesn’t come easily. Perhaps it’s because we start out our lives reading fairy-tales that end “happily ever after.” Until we’re sure we’ll reach the story-book ending, we keep our feelings to ourselves. We decide to celebrate our pity parties alone.

However, there’s a big, fat, hairy difference between having a pity party and sharing the difficult times of life. Continue reading »