May 082014
Memorable Mother's Day Gfit Idea

Finding mom a memorable Mother’s Day gift

Mothers deserve meaningful gifts, but it’s tough to come up with original ideas year after year. Just in time for Mother’s Day, here are seven memorable Mother’s Day gift ideas that won’t break the bank. And, you can get them done by Sunday.

What makes a Memorable Mother’s Day Gift?

Have you seen #avacuumcleanerisnotagift on Twitter? Though Mother’s Day sales are great for buying household gifts, beware. Think about what your mother or wife values and how they would prefer to spend their time. Continue reading »

Nov 262013

Shopping for gifts that matter

Perfect gifts that matter don’t just fly into the cart.

We all want to give memorable gifts to loved ones— gifts that matter. Even with all the ads and sales, it can be hard to find a gift your loved one will cherish.

Here are few ideas to jump-start your giving lists. Many more are on my Gifts that Matter Pinterest board.

Things you can buy

Yes, you can buy, as opposed to make, a gift that matters. It doesn’t even have to be expensive. The key is thinking carefully about what your loved one values and enjoys, or how they spend their time. Continue reading »

Aug 062013

Going away gifts The most meaningful and thoughtful going away gifts evoke fond memories. This is on my mind as a dear friend’s daughter is moving from Michigan to Virginia for her first job.

Especially when the person moving is someone special to you, memory gifts make great going away gifts. As your kid goes away to college or close friend moves away, consider one of the following ideas. Most can be adapted to group gifts. Continue reading »