Nov 172014
Conversations that matter

Family gatherings aren’t just great opportunities for bonding. It’s also a great time to have conversations that matter.

Family gatherings are the perfect time to start conversations that matter —and to collect stories. After the bird or ham has been carved and the casserole dishes scraped empty, we loosen our belts. And, often, we loosen our tongues.

This holiday, as Aunt Ida and Grandpa start to exchange familiar stories, make the most of the time with your loved ones. Jump (calmly and unobtrusively) into action.

Draw out New Information

Instead of simply laughing, nodding, and adding stories of your own, draw out new information by asking questions and listening carefully. Continue reading »

May 172013
Missing grandparents

Growing up without their grandparents has impacted my kids’ lives. Even fifteen years later after their deaths, it can be hard to write about them.

Memories of grandparents are a treasure. That’s why it’s so important to write about grandparents when we preserve our stories.

Not everyone has had the privilege of knowing any, much less all, of their grandparents. The luckier among us grew up in the same town as their grandparents and have had (or had) them as a part of  everyday life. Continue reading »