Apr 102014
Slave Info sheds light

Slave information from your family tree could enlighten other researchers.

I’m excited to introduce Valerie Hughes, today’s guest poster. Valerie, a professional genealogist, recently gained insight about what to do with slave information you encounter during your family tree research.

Will You Take The Challenge?  Share Slave History from your Family Tree.

About two months ago, I joined a Black Ancestry Group on Facebook. You may think this is an odd thing to do considering I am not black. However, I did it for a specific reason, to ask a question that had been plaguing me for a long time.  The following is the question that I finally asked. Continue reading »

Mar 272014
Preserving family history info and roots

Preserving family history information will help loved ones know who you are

“Let your roots show” isn’t something likely to go over well over drinks on a girls’ night out. However, the same comment might be warmly received by a group of family history buffs. They’d wonder how they could do that, short of getting their pedigree chart screen-printed on a sweatshirt.

Whether you’re a certified genealogist or just writing down a few stories, you need to let your roots show. Preserving family history information will be a true gift for loved ones. Knowing where you’ve come from will help loved ones understand who you are. Even if you haven’t been tracing your roots, there’s a lot you can do. Continue reading »

Mar 202014
Stories of pregnancy and childbirth through pictures

Love stories include stories of pregnancy and childbirth

Often, when we look at our parents’, grandparents’, and ancestors’ history, the stories of pregnancy and childbirth are sparse. Without an eye-witness account, these chapters of your family history often remain unwritten.

Ask your Relatives for Stories of Pregnancy and Childbirth

With today’s technology, it’s easy for moms- and dads-to-be to share the progress of pregnancy and the details of childbirth with the world. It’s a fun way to connect with loved ones that previous generations didn’t have.

Continue reading »

Feb 032014
The Rest of the story of Vanburen Clark

Van Buren Field Clark, my great-great-grandfather

Stories matter. Not just the bare bones stories based on facts, but the rest of the story. Personalities, proclivities, relationships, and experiences are an important part of preserving your family history.

Flynn Coleman makes a good case for this in his article Only Connect: Why Your Story Matters. Huffington Post writers don’t usually need my help in stating their case, but just this once I’ll help Mr. Coleman out with an illustration.

I decided to compare what I know about my second great grandfather from research as opposed to my grandmother’s “Treasure Chest of Memories.” I hope that it will bring home the importance of sharing and documenting family stories. You won’t just be providing the rest of the story. You’ll be facilitating a connection between the family members, past and present. Continue reading »

Jan 282014

story behind the smiles is unknownPhotos of people laughing—especially group shots of people laughing—are jewels for memory keepers. A picture tells a thousand words; we love seeing the happiness and camaraderie. However, many times there’s a story behind the smiles and we still need words to tell the story.

Story behind the Smiles

It annoys me to no end that I can’t remember what we were laughing about in the photo to the left. At the time that I took it (with a remote), I thought I would always remember what the joke was. But I don’t. Although the joke is frozen in time on our faces, the story behind the smiles is currently lost to me. Continue reading »

Jan 222014
Pedigree chart's dry facts into stories

It’s not that hard to turn these dry facts into stories.

I admit the prospect of taking dry historical facts and turning them into stories that the rest of the family—much less the rest of the world—will find interesting is intimidating. It sounds like some literary alchemy or magic is called for.

Actually, it’s not really that hard. Continue reading »

Jan 132014
Unexpected friendship between cat and dog

Unexpected friendships can result when opposites attract. Photo credit flickr.com

It’s not just love that we find in the most unexpected places—it’s also friendship. The “when” and “how” of unexpected friendships make great stories.

Unexpected friendships despite first impressions

Particularly when we figure out how wrong they were, our first impressions stay with us. This topic resonates with me, because I’m a pretty lousy judge of character. Continue reading »

Dec 172013
Story behind the name

What’s your story?

What’s the story behind your name? Sharing the story of your name often entails sharing stories of family heritage and relationships.

Who you were named after?

Often you’ll hear that a person was named after someone who meant a lot to their parents. It isn’t always a relative. Who was that person? What role did they play in your parents’ lives? What role did they play in your life?

Continue reading »

Nov 222013
Right before John F Kennedy's Assassination

Photo Credit Wikipedia

More than once, my mom spoke of what it was like to hear the news of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

If I recall right, she heard it on the car radio, when she was driving with my sister and I, ages two and four, in the back seat. She was stopped at the light on Reidville Road right by the old J.M. Fields shopping center and the Phillips 66 gas station. She tried to hold it together—play the “everything is okay” mommy—but couldn’t.

It was something I understood, yet didn’t really ‘get.’ Continue reading »

Sep 242013

Changes in technolgy adding machine How have changes in technology changed your life? What changes in technology have you seen? At my son’s 2012 high school graduation, the school presented a slide show of technology that had not yet been invented when the graduates were born. It boggled the mind.  We so quickly adapt to changes in technology that we forget what life was like just a couple of decades ago. Continue reading »

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