Jul 222015

pIRATE-lAURAOfficially, Talk Like a Pirate Day won’t come until September 19, but I’ve been saying “Arrrggghhhhh!” a lot this week.

Channel Changing

It’s bad enough that if I leave the room for more than two minutes, my husband finds an Iron Man or Transformers movie to watch for the eighty-fifth time this month. However, the real problem is the channels changing in my brain without my permission. Continue reading »

May 062014
Road Trip Memories

Do your road trip memories include going over the hills etc. to grandma’s house?

Hours in a car doesn’t sound like the stuff of great stories. Admittedly, the mind-numbing monotony of the passing miles might not make for interesting reading. Nevertheless, many good stories—if not pleasant memories—grow out of road trips. No doubt when good friends or family members get together, someone is going to bring up a story related to long trips.

Road Trip Memories with Children

Trips with kids are certainly memorable! “Are we there yet?” “Daddy, I have to pee.” “Mom, she’s touching me!” Sound familiar? Continue reading »

May 022014

Graduation Layout GraphicWelcome to my stop on the Craft Squad’s Con-Graduation Blog Hop. If you’re coming from The Crafty Neighbor, you are in the right place.  If you want to start at the beginning, go to http://stampinginferno.blogspot.com/2014/05/congradulations-blog-hop.html.

Graduation is a big deal at our house. Our youngest is graduating on June 8th. Thrilled as we are that he’s been successful, my husband and I aren’t really looking forward to his absence.  With that in mind, I wanted to create a scrapbook layout that shows my mixed feelings. I also wanted to highlight the fact that the memory of him starting kindergarten doesn’t seem old and faded. In fact, in many ways it seems like yesterday. Continue reading »

Apr 012014

Craft Squad Blog Hop Welcome to The Craft Squad’s Monthly Blog Hop!  This month our theme is “Hoppity Hop Hop”! What does that make you think of? Easter? Spring? Kids bouncing off the walls? Family Moments?

See how “Hoppity Hop Hop” inspired our Craft Squad members. This month I’m the first stop on the blog hop. My blog is about preserving memories; scrapbooking and paper crafting can play a huge role in sharing precious memories. Continue reading »

Oct 232013
Family fibs pinocchio's ose

I wouldn’t have been so gullible if the Pinocchio legend was true. (Image credit: Wikipedia Commons)

NBC’s Today show did a short segment on family fibs. These are stories that parents tell children, probably because reasoning with them is much more cumbersome.  The funniest was Carson Daly’s report that his family told him that if the ice cream truck was playing music, it meant they were out of ice cream.

Nearly all, if not all, parents fib at some point in time. Which ones were unique to your family? Continue reading »

Sep 202013

Make a Wish blog hop icon Today’s post is part of the  Make a Wish Blog Hop.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your hop so far and I’m glad you’re here.
If you’re coming from Connie Umstead’s blog, you are in the right place! (If you want to start at the beginning, go to http://www.craftyneighbor.blogspot.com/2013/09/september-blog-hop.html.

Making a Wish on a Birthday

Birthday cakes are a big deal at our house. Of course, part of our ritual is the obligatory photograph before the candles are blown out.  I always wonder briefly what my kids wish for. I’m sure they much more immediate (like for gifts they’ll unwrap), than the wishes I have for them. Continue reading »

Aug 262013

When I was a kidUsing the “When I was a kid…” prompt is a quick and easy way to share your memories. There’s even  a twitter meme (theme) for “When I was a kid…”:  #whenIwasakid. It’s fun to read some of the posts. (If you want to read some, just go to https://twitter.com/searchadvanced and type in “#wheniwasakid” in the search field.)

Some of my favorites are those posted by younger people. Maybe that’s because they’re more in touch with how childhood felt. They remember things like jumping from couch to couch, pretending the floor was lava. Continue reading »

Aug 152013

Superstar sports memories Every teen athlete—whether a NCAA Division I hopeful or recreational player—has sports memories worth preserving. Today’s post is part of the LinkedIn “Superstar” blog hop.

We hope our interpretations of “Superstar” gives you some inspiration for your own superstar. If you’re coming from Patty  Chenail’s site  at http://www.stamppattys.com/2013/08/august-blog-hop.html, you’re at the right place. Continue reading »

Jul 182013
Shelf for kids awards

Ribbons range from reading awards to cross-country awards; I draped the graduation honor cords to showcase them more.

Kids’ awards are natural gems for a Treasure Chest. We all want to preserve, highlight, and display all our kids’ awards, but a hectic life and our natural propensity to procrastinate get in the way. Here’s some quick and easy ways to make sure your kids’ awards don’t get lost in the shuffle

Display kids’ awards

If your child is into sports, they probably have all sorts of awards that lend themselves to display. Especially small children receive “participation” ribbons, medals, and trophies. These are great to display in their bedrooms. Hanging shelves with peg are great for these if the top of the dresser is already full. The trophies (or other treasured objects) can go on the horizontal surface, and ribbons can hang from the pegs. Continue reading »

Jun 272013
Elephants becoming a family

Photo credit: Pink Puppy Paper Company

Don’t just preserve memories of your children, capture and share your memories of becoming a family. Every child—even grown-up ones—will enjoy reading about the excitement and joyful anticipation with which they were welcomed into the world. Use these ideas for a “Treasure Chest” entry, photo captions, or scrapbook narratives. Continue reading »