Sep 302014
Lists are not just for Santa

Lists aren’t just for the big guy with presents. Start making your own.

My scattered brain loves lists. They calm and organize my distractible why-did-I-come-into-this-room brain. When my brain isn’t preoccupied with finding my glasses or coffee cup, lists feed my creativity.

Lists can be the memory-collector’s best friend. To illustrate this point, I found myself making a list about making lists.

Lists help you remember

Lists, if you don’t forget where you put them, are more permanent than memory. They can become an Idea Bank to store your ideas. (Hmmm… That’s a section of Memories of Me: A Complete Guide to Telling and Sharing the Stories of Your Life. ) Continue reading »

Nov 112013
Write about gratitude at Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to write about gratitude.

November is a great time to write about gratitude. Although our neighbors to the north (Canadians) celebrate Thanksgiving in October, USA-Americans associate November with gratitude and thankfulness. It’s a great time to stop and think about what we have. Show and share your gratitude by recording your blessings for loved ones and future generations— write about gratitude. Write about the things for which you’re thankful and what they mean to you. Continue reading »