Oct 132014
oral histories versus gossip

Are oral histories less reliable than playground gossip?

As much as we (okay, I) love technology, we sometimes wonder if it isn’t stabbing us in the back. Just as we wonder if access to calculators is undermining our math skills, a case can be made that technology is to blame for the decline of the art of oral histories.

Josh Foer, author of Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything, doesn’t point a finger at the Internet. He argues that the Gutenberg Press bears responsibility for the decline of oral histories and the faculty of individual memory. As books became available, people didn’t have to remember everything. They no longer had to pass down stories with great attention to detail and nuance. Continue reading »

Nov 252013

A Thanksgiving Checklist that Matters As the holiday approaches, many of us are making Thanksgiving checklists. We’re ticking off what to buy, what to thaw when, what to cook, what to pack, or things to clean.

This year, while you’re making all of your lists, don’t forget to add memory saving or memory sharing items to your Thanksgiving checklist. Continue reading »