Jun 192014
Five star reviews for Memories of Me

I’m humbled and grateful: Thanks to all who gave a five star review for Memories of Me: A Complete Guide.

I’ve heard publishing a book compared to birthing a child. I disagree. They’re nothing alike—from conception to delivery. For one thing, when you have a baby, you don’t wonder, “Will people like my baby?”

In my case, I knew my friends and family that had supported and encouraged me would like my book. I knew my publisher saw a market for it. However, after lining up my blog tour, I waited on pins and needles. What if they didn’t love it? What it they said my personal stories (examples) were crap?

Happily, every one of my reviewers recommended Memories of Me. The blog tour process was humbling and exhilarating. In fact, the blog tour was akin to riding a roller coaster. It’s only now that it’s over that I realize how much fun I had taking the ride. Continue reading »