Apr 012013

Staci Trioio, who shared her Recipe for Posterity earlier this month,  has extended a generous invitation for me to guest post today on her blog.  The subject?  The importance of sharing Memories.
Come join me at her blog, stacitrioio.com and read Why You Should Write About Your Memories.

Holy Bible

No one criticizes the Bible reader

writing for your family is like reading a Bible in church and why you should get started.

…Since I’m not allowed to write about my actual kids, I’ll use a hypothetical kid as an example. (Disclaimer in case my actual kids read this: I’m in no way implying that the subject of this story did anything less than an exemplary job of reading the Bible in church.)

Hypothetical Aaron, age 16, agreed to read the Bible aloud at a meeting of a hundred plus pastors and elders. Nervous and much more accustomed to rap music than leading worship, Aaron read at breakneck speed. Luckily, he was given a well-known passage. By catching four to five keywords, most were able to identify the familiar parable. The four-minute reading was finished in under a minute.

Were he reading for a discriminating audience, say a teacher or classmates, this would have been a catastrophe. As it was, he got excellent reviews…

  2 Responses to “Writing for your Family is Like Reading the Bible in Church”

  1. […] Try to look at your writing objectively. Continuing with my home renovation metaphor, family members are probably impressed with your work as soon as the dry-wall goes up. Your writing is good enough whenever it’s in a state that others can gain enjoyment from it. (See my theory on why writing for family is like reading the Bible in church.) […]

  2. […] Most of us wouldn’t be bored reading that our grandmother enjoyed Sunday school picnics. We’d enjoy imagining her proudly contributing her baked beans or fried chicken. (There’s much more about this in my book. Also see Why Writing for Your Family Is Like ….) […]

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